Any idea for the NFTdrop in the future? what value should we add to the NFT holder?

As we all know , hats already airdrop some NFTs(the crows).but some of them didn’t claimed yet; so the community have a plan to distribute them.

NFT is a proof, proof of participation in the project, proof of identification with the community culture. in order to allow more people to hold it as diamond hand; encourage the holders to contribute to the development of the community, we need to add some additional value to the NFT.

My idea is add the APY of liquidity mining, for example : the NFT Holder extra APY is 5% , the value pool liquidity APY is 20%. So the NFT Holder APY is 5%+20%; non- holder APY is 20%.

what do you guys think about it?? please make some comments and show your own idea about how to add some values on this NFT, so we can figure it out together.

_____one of the crows Army.

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I like the idea of giving the NFT further utility. But IMO the NFT should not give monetary benefits but rather should be used for the social aspects. If you hold the NFT you will get access to special community chat rooms, you can get on special team calls, maybe special merch, or additional NFTS.
etc. Maybe the NFT can be the governance token for art-related topics? Like voting on the next artists to make the Vault Reward NFTs. Or vote on Meme Challenges.

We are going to introduce a concept to lock $HATS to receive $veHATS next week in an article. The $veHATS will be controlling the majority of the economic mechanisms. So the NFT should be there for the social and community benefits.

We might organize an event at one of the Ethereum Conferences in the future. The NFT could as well give you access to this event.

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I love the VE token system, looking forward to it.

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If NFT only has governance functions, will there be a lack of incentives, including the circulation of the entire NFT?
Or, for Hats, should we issue non-transferable NFTs if it is determined that NFTs are a governance function

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This is an interesting suggestion. However, like @angler mentioned, the use case of $veHATs could have more economic incentives.

Keep up providing suggestions, and share this in our discord so they can comment as well

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It’s great idea, In my opinion, I agree give extra APY for the NFT Holder. Meanwhile, we should give NFT like ticket function and NFT holder can attend some Conferences when we hold it. and so on!

I think it is a great idea and a step in the right direction in creating a better governance mechanism.
Of course it shouldn’t be the only governance mechanism but together with $veHats and other mechanism it could be great way to promote active and more efficient governance Soulbound

I agree that increasing the AYP of NFT holders and encouraging NFT holders to contribute to the development of the community is conducive to the long-term development of the project, and it promotes active and more effective governance of the community.