# The crows club

The crows club

Following the discussions in the Hatters community meeting and @limo suggestion in the Hats forum, I want to raise in writing my proposal about the Crows clan club.


The crow’s NFT holders will be part of a unique club, where they can participate in unique missions/tasks/challenges and potentially win prizes/rewards for their participation.

The goals:

  • Encouraging teamwork and achieving KPIs, marked by the Hats
    DAO as necessary for the Hats community & growth.
  • Encouraging DAO participation
  • Adding value to the NFT

How it will work:

Hats governance will release a list of needs to be completed by the crow’s clan,
For example, to open a bug bounty for a well-known project.

  • Launch a proposal in the Hats forum
  • Voting on snapshot
  • Executing the proposal
  • The Crows will be eligible for the rewards if they achieve the KPIs of the proposal.

Example of KPIs:

  • Propos the collaboration in |Project Name| forum.
  • Support the proposal and be active with comments, knowledge about hats, answering questions, etc.
  • Voting - if possible
  • |Project Name| open a bug bounty
  • |Project Name| DAO deposit more than $XXX, XXX worth of tokens inside the bug bounty.
  • The |Project Name| community increased the TVL of the bug bounty by XX%.

The compensation: If the KPIs are achieved, the Hats DAO will airdrop the crows club an XYZ amount of $VeHAT tokens locked for 3-12 months (Open for discussions and ideas)

The outcome:

  • New and essential protocol onboarded to Hats dApp
  • New community members learned about smart bug bounty and its benefits
  • The total TVL of Hats increased
  • The ecosystem has more auditors attention - attracting more hackers
  • Increasing the participation in Hats DAO proposal and voting
  • Adding a real value to the Crows NFT collection
  • Adding a future value to the Crows NFT holders
  • The sale of an NFT crow will transfer the benefits and his locked
    $VeTokens to the new NFT holder.(TBD)

I believe it could be the start of a new journey where an engaged community can be part of the DAO’s responsibilities and can be incentivized to achieve the communities goals. Adding a security layer, by needing an NFT to participate in the DAO can lower the risk of bad actors in Hats’ governance.

We should consider using WEB3 tooling to make everything more transparent, smart, and fast for all participators, e.g., the UMA KPI mechanism.

I would love to hear the thoughts of the Hats community and keep designing the program.
My goal is to propose it right after the liquidity mining starts.


I love the KPI reward; It will bring huge value to the NFTs Holder, as well increase Hats TVL, Win-Win thing. And also we can discuss more things about Hats DAO here. I’m interesting about it’s structure too.

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I think that we should think about to increase voting weight of the Crows NFT holder and it can attract the holder hold Crows NFT for long time!

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Can you please share more details? I’m not sure I can see the benefit.

This is a great idea to incentivize and give a sense of pride to the crow club. This encourages collaboration and collective thinking, which is what Hats is all about.
I do think we should discuss what other incentives hatters would like to receive, especially thinking about the locking period of tokens.

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As a member of the Crow family, it is necessary to make the Crow family bigger and stronger

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I agree!
We are working on more programs to enlarge the clan.
If you are holding a crow, after participating in one of the challenges, you most likely understand Hat’s mission and protocol - and you are ready to execute Hats DAO social needs.